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Introduction to the Gundle API Range of Plasticulture Products

Gundle API has been the market leader in the field of Plasticulture for the past quarter of a century.  It was the first company to manufacture agricultural films such as Greenhouse Films, Plastic Mulch, Hydroponic Membranes, Wide Width Silage and a diverse range of other agricultural films.  Today Gundle API is still the only manufacturer of most of the plastic membranes used in South Africa.

Over the years Gundle API has built up a proud name for quality and service. Our products have set the standard in the industry for quality and performance and are supported by one of the most sophisticated laboratories in the country.  We are also ISO 9000 certified and our products carry the SABS mark where this is a requirement.

Gundle API customers can safely rely on the track record we have built up over the past 30 years.  We also have a national staff of specialized sales people who provide on site service when required.


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