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Brikgrip D.P.C


BRICKGRIP DPC 3 LAYER 250® dampproof course is best utilised in preventing rising damp in walls. It prevents efflorescence and flaking of the wall covering. It will not absorb water and is chemically inert. Flexibility is retained between -45 and 78 degrees Celsius and the material does not extrude under pressure. Tear and puncture resistance are excellent.



The damp-proof course shall consist of BRICKGRIP DPC 3 LAYER 250® bearing SABS 952 - 1 : Type B well lapped at joints and intersections and bedded and joined in cement mortar.

•  Prevents rising damp

•  Will not absorb water

•  Easy to handle

•  Chemically inert

•  Excellent breaking strength

•  Excellent puncture resistance

•  Convenient widths

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