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Protect your profits with Evadek UV stabilised Greenhouse sheeting!


• UV Stabilised for resistance to solar ageing.

• Excellent visible light transmission.

• Excellent mechanical properties for harsh weather conditions.

• IR. additives can give a _15% thermal effect .

• Additives can ensure good light transfusion, reducing shadows.

• Antifogging/drip irrigation can be incorporated.

• Evadek can ensure all year round controlled environment growth and reduction.





Standard stock sizes in 200 micron.

3m x 30m

3m x 100m

4m x 30m

4m x 100m

6,5m x 75m

7,5m x 75m

8m x 67m


Material can be manufactured to customer requirements in lenghts or widths and in thickness from 150 - 250 micron on a made to order basis dependant on volumes.

Evadek (Green Tint)

Nickel base UV stabiliser

Evadek (Clear)

Hals UV stabiliser

Solflex T (Hazy Clear)

A package of UV stabilisers manufactured to special formulations of LDPE/EVA and incorporating various additives to satisfy customer requirements and weather conditions.


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