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Feed Wrap


•  is a high strength, high stretch, and high tack reflective, White plastic that creates a airtight tension seal for     a Minimum 12 month period to preserve silage bales.

•  reflects solar heat, eliminating the wasteful caramelising that can occur with    coloured wrapping films,     thereby maximising the value of your silage and maintaining the, high levels of nutrition, with virtually no     spoilage.

 •  has high strength and stretch capabilities (50 – 70%) without sacrificing UV durability or tack (adhesion).     This combination of quality and performance gives you the economical advantage of up to 50% more     bales per roll of plastic, depending on the machine you are using.   

•  was designed to withstand the extreme climatic conditions throughout Southern Africa. GUNDLE , being a     true South African company manufactures FODDER FLEX for the South African market only and we are     proud to offer a 12 month replacement warrantee on FODDER FLEX

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