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Gundle Geo Synthetics

Gundle Geo-Synthetics is a division of the Gundle Plastics Group and was established in 2004. Since then, Gundle Geo-Synthetics has built a reputation through efficient service, quality products and unbeatable workmanship. In this relatively short space of time, Gundle Geo-Synthetics has completed more than 250 projects and installed over 2 million square meters of liner.

Our success can be attributed to:

•  Our affiliation to the Gundle Plastics Group, which in turn is a wholly owned  subsidiary of the JSE-listed Winhold Group - a relationship that provides financial     muscle, security and stability, as well as years of knowledge and experience;

•  A young, though experienced team  that is dedicated to growing the business through attention to detail, quality, service and a professional approach;

•  Our ISO certification;

•  Gundle being the only company in  Southern Africa with the capability of manufacturing wide width film for lining applications thicker than 1000 micron; and

•  Strong contacts with the international manufacturers of Geoliners, Geotextiles and Drainage layers.

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