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South africa´s most technically advanced plastic mulch. Ensuring optimum growth and improved yields.



•  Black mulch eliminates weed growth.

•  Excellent moisture conservation due to lack of evaporation.

•  Less soil compaction by soil not drying out.

•  Optimum usage of fertilizer. No leaching.

•  Clear mulch heats soil and enables earlier planting ( solar or chemical disinfection of soil necessary to     prevent weed growth).

•  Optimum conditions ensures earlier and larger crop.



•  Manufactured from LLDPE.

•  Excellent mechanical properties and tear strength.

•  Thickness from 25 micron to 210 micron.

•  Widths from 750mm to 1,5m.

•  Lengths 500m to 1000m rolls.

•  UV stabilized from 6 - 12 months.

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