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Stretch Hoods. Three layer Co-extruded

Stretch hood technology consists of applying a flexible, “elasticized” film hood, which contracts around the load and does not require heat. The hood is stretched to a dimension matching the exact outer circumference of the load and is applied over the load and released underneath the pallet. This ensures a reliable hold between the pallet and the load and secures the pallet for storage and transport. Stretch hoods can be stabilized against ultra violet rays for any period and can be tinted or opaque in any colour.

Advantages of using stretch hoods as opposed to the traditional shrink hooding and stretch wrapping methods are as follows-

•  Excellent clarity allowing good visibility of the loads inside.

•  Quicker application, which results in higher   productivity

•  No heating required, which results in a cost saving and added safety in not having to handle gas.

•  Suitable for automated racking systems as these are damaged when stretch wrap comes loose of the pallets.

•  Totally waterproof

•  Excellent load stabilization

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