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U.S.B. Green   


USB GREEN 3 LAYER 170® is co-extruded, consisting of the following: Outer layer - Black low-density polyethylene containing carbon black, which is a natural ultra-violet inhibitor. Middle layer - Black low-density polyethylene. Outer layer - Green low-density polyethylene, which allows for easy identification on site and has enhanced puncture resistance.

Note: Because of their high carbon content, USB Green 3 LAYER 170® can also be used where SABS black sheeting is specified, as it exceeds the minimum specification required for SABS black.


One layer of USB Green 3 LAYER 170® damp proof sheeting bearing SABS 952 - 1 : 2010 shall be laid in the widest practical widths to minimise joints and shall be turned up, dressed to load bearing walls, and lapped with Brickgrip SABS DPC. Gunplas USB Green 3 layer 170® may be lapped according to specifications.


•  Prevents rising damp

•  Prevents contamination of concrete

•  Prevents efficiency loss of under-floor insulation

•  Specially formulated as a damp-proof membrane

•  Good puncture resistance

•  Good tear strength

•  Wide widths



Anti-Termite membranes     

Anti-Termite Brikgrip® DPC 3-layer 250 micrometer is an SABS approved damp proof course that is utilised in preventing rising damp in walls, as well as efflorescence and flaking of the wall covering.

The sheeting is tear and puncture resistant and contains a pesticide which makes it termite resistant, creating an essential barrier to protect your home from the outset.

Anti-Termite GREEN USB 3-LAYER 250® sheeting is tear and puncture resistant to prevent rising damp through the floor slab, it is also termite resistant, creating an essential barrier to protect your home.

Download the PDF for more information about Anti-Termite membranes: Download now

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